New Workshop: Composition Masterclass

The Luminous Kitchen || Two Loves Studio Food Photography Workshop

Food Photography Composition Masterclass This is so exciting guys! I’m teaming up with Rachel Korinek from Two Loves Studio to bring you a Food Photography Composition Masterclass Want to create killer images of food? The drool-worthy kind? Yep, we thought so. Learn how to drastically improve your food photography with your new secret weapon: compositional…

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Stuffed Eggplant

Stuffed Eggplant || The Luminous Kitchen

I know this is a food blog and I should be using super exciting words to describe this dish to entice you, but I just put Marley down to sleep after a particularly challenging day and my brain is evading me right now. What I can say is that this is a really easy, practical,…

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What I’ve Been Working On

The Luminous Kitchen || Jo Anderson

I take food photos almost every day, but not everything makes it onto my blog because I do a lot of client work that I can’t always share for confidentiality reasons. Sometimes however I just create food photos because I absolutely love it. I love deciding on a mood and feel and taking a background…

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Easy Harissa Veggie Bowl

Harissa Veggie Bowl || The Luminous Kitchen

So Corey and I may have eaten this harissa veggie bowl 8 nights in a row. Its that good. We have been eating more vegetarian meals lately and we seriously need to expand our repertoire so when I can’t think of what to make I revert to this. In fact I have the veggies in…

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